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Cleric Defiler Guide - Patch 2.3


Welcome to the Defiler guide. The Cleric Defiler is a unique and interesting style of healer because of their mix of tools and utility. Not only do they prevent damage but they have great mobilty and are able to maintain a decent level of healing whilst on the move. In raids they are considered to be more of a support healer because even though they can reduce a great deal of damage through their various links, they are not capable of the output of other healing specs. As a Defiler you will also spend a lot of time doing DPS because of how your abilities are affected by your damage but I will cover this later. In this guide I will cover your abilities, soul tree, macros and stats. If you have any feedback or questions then please refer to the "Feedback" page on the website menu.

Soul Tree

Below you will see the soul tree that I am using for this set up. As with most callings in Rift there are other possible set ups that you can use but for the purpose of this guide I will be using the following soul tree. Please take the time to read through each talent that is taken so that you are fully aware of what it does.

This soul tree set up will max out the Defiler tree to gain access to the level 60 ability which is a strong defensive cooldown that can be on yourself or others such as a tank in a bad situation. It also takes points in the Purifier tree for increases to healing, wisdom and absorption as well as a small emergency cooldown.


The following abilities are your buffs that you will apply to yourself as part of your job as healer.


A big part of playing a Defiler is your Links. You have 4 different Links which range in power. They are as follows:

Link of Agony - Intercepts 30% of the damage taken by an ally. You will take 19% of the intercepted damage.

Link of Suffering - Intercepts 20% of the damage taken by an ally. You will take 30% of the intercepted damage.

Link of Misery - Intercepts 10% of the damage taken by an ally. You will take 59% of the intercepted damage.

Link of Distress - Intercepts 5% of the damage taken by an ally. You will take 85% of the intercepted damage.

You can apply these links to one ally each and it will reduce their damage taken by a percentage and that damage that is reduced will be redirected to you. As a result you will take some of that damage but it is highly beneficial because you are preventing a lot of damage. The best part is that the intercepted damage that you take from your links will, for the most part, is not noticeable because of other class mechanics that absorb the damage but I will cover these later.

Healing Abilities

  • Foul Growth - This has a 1.5 second cast. It heals the target after 10 seconds. It can stack 3 times to increase the power of the heal. Never hard cast this.
  • Explosive Growth - Instantly applies 3 stacks of Foul Growth to the target. This has an expensive mana cost and therefore should only be used in conjuction with Loathsome/Ghastly Restoration for a fast emergency heal.
  • Loathsome Restoration - Cheap, instant cast heal that triggers your stacks of Foul Growth to heal the target.
  • Ghastly Restoration - Stronger heal that Loathsome Restoration but has 15 second cooldown. It also will trigger Foul Growth on the target.
  • Hideous Reconstruction - Simple heal over time. As a solo healer you should keep it on the tank at all times but in raids it isn't always necessary.
  • Feedback - AoE heal that will restore a small amount of health to up to 5 party or raid members. The healing is increased by 25% on targets that are affected by your Links and will trigger any stacks of Foul Growth on targeted players which is the real power of the heal.
  • Unstable Transformation - You can apply this to an ally target. It will reduce the damage they take by 50%, increase the healing and absorption received by 50% and cause them to be healed for a small amount each time they get hit. Lasts for 10 seconds, 1 minute cooldown.
  • Husk of Indifference - This is an absorb shield that is automatically applied to you each time you use a healing ability. It will only absorb damage that you intercept from your Links and it can only be used on yourself.

Single Target DPS Rotation

DPS is a large part of the Defiler play style because using your damaging abilities will stack Foul Growth on the targets of your Link spells. This is why in a raid environment you play more of a support role because you do DPS to stack Foul Growth on your Link targets and then you are able to use your healing abilities to trigger Foul Growth if you are ever required to heal.

  1. Pain Transmission - Powerful AoE damaging ability. It not only damages 3 enemies around the Cleric but also around the target of the Cleric's Links which gives it a maximum of 18 hits in one cast, assuming there are 3 enemies near the Cleric and the Linked players. If it doesn't hit a target at least twice then don't use it.
  2. Bond of Pain - Deals damage to the target each time you, the Cleric, take damage.
  3. Siphon Vitality - This is a DOT that you should maintain on the target.
  4. Vex - Another DOT to maintain on the target.
  5. Marrow Harvest - Delayed damage ability. 6 seconds after applying it to the target it will deal damage to them.
  6. Somatic Desecration - Your cast time nuke that is used as a filler of sorts in between the above abilities.

AoE DPS Rotation

  1. Pain Transmission
  2. Bond of Pain
  3. Siphon Vitality
  4. Marrow Harvest
  5. Unholy Nexus - This will spread your Marrow Harvest, Siphon Vitality and your Bonds to up to 5 targets.
  6. Continue with your Single target rotation until Unholy Nexus is off cooldown.

Miscellaneous Abilities

  • Empowered Affliction - Restores 7% of your mana but lowers your maximum health by 5% for 10 seconds. This stacks up to 5 times.
  • Death's Embrace - Standard combat ress.
  • Purge - Removes up to 2 buffs on the enemy target. Important for some boss fights.
  • Jealous Intervention - Single target dispel of poison, magic and disease effects.
  • Summon Beacon of Despair - This will drop a Beacon of Depsair on the ground. It will be linked to you and you will take 115% of the intercepted damage. In exchange for the damage sharing, all of your threat will be redirected to the Beacon. Enemies that attack the beacon will take damage. There is fairly limited use for this to be honest. It can be useful in scenarios that involve a lot of adds because you won't have to worry about getting aggro.


  • Wisdom - Increases your spell power, crit chance and maximum mana. This is your primary stat.
  • Spell Power - Increases the damage and healing of your abilities.
  • Spell Critical Hit - Increases the chance for spells to score a critcal hit.
  • Crit Power - Increases the damage or healing of your spells when they score a critcal hit
  • Resists - Reduces the damage you taken from schools of magic. For example Life resist reduces the amount of Life damage you take. It won't contribute to DPS but it's a nice bonus on some gear because it helps your healers out.
  • Intelligence - Increases your spell power, crit chance and maximum mana although nowhere near on the same scale as Wisdom does.
  • Hit - Increases your chance to hit with abilities.


Most of these macros are for the benefit of people that want to heal using mouse over macros. For those that do not know, mouse over macros allow you to cast the ability on the target by simply hovering your mouse over the targets raid frame so there is no need to click each individual person to target them.


#show Link of Agony
cast @mouseover Link of Agony

#show Link of Suffering
cast @mouseover Link of Suffering

#show Link of Misery
cast @mouseover Link of Misery

#show Link of Distress
cast @mouseover Link of Distress


Hideous Reconstruction

#show Hideous Reconstruction 

cast @mouseover Hideous Reconstruction 

#show Loathsome Restoration
cast @mouseover Loathsome Restoration

#show Explosive Growth
cast @mouseover Explosive Growth

#show Ghastly Restoration
cast @mouseover Ghastly Restoration


DOTs - One button that applies Marrow Harvest and Siphon Vitality but requires 2 uses to apply both.

#show Siphon Vitality


cast Marrow Harvest

cast Siphon Vitality

Final Words

Just to re-emphasize, the Defiler is for the most part a support soul but it can be used to heal expert dungeons however not as well as a Warden or Sentinel so please do keep that in mind. They also lack some tools such as an AoE dispel and there are some boss mechanics that require a dispel so you need to single target dispel each person which does not only take time but it also makes an already clunky rotation even more clunky.